How do I get involved? Do I pay anything?

We’d love to see you contribute on one of our teams. Participation is free, but please help us by registering to each event in advance. Registering early helps us manage our resources. Signing up at the last minute is okay! But you still need to register.

I can't code. I'm not a designer. I barely know what open data is. Can I still participate?

Of course! The Open Data Challenge is an inclusive series of events. Apart from any skill as a developer or designer, you have a place at each of the events. You'll have the chance to contribute to the ideation process, learn some new skills, or simply help with research. There are plenty of ways to be involved.

There are a lot of different events. I'm worried that I can't attend all of them. What can I do?

You're free to participate in as many or as few of the events as you are able to. If you need to miss one of the events, that is perfectly okay (though we encourage you to attend all of them)!

I'm interested in the idea of open data. How can I stay involved beyond the Open Data Challenge?

You can join us at Open Data Delaware. We meet every weekend at the Brandywine Hundred Library for our Code & Coffee events. Besides that, we regularly host workshops, speakers, and happy hours. All are always welcome!

Where can I find open data resources in the state of Delaware?

There are a couple of great places that you can look. First, there is the state's Open Data Portal. This was founded in October 2016 as a result of Gov. Markell's Executive Order 57. Gov. Carney is signing another Executive Order that expands the data that is available in the Open Data Portal. Another place to look is Delaware's FirstMap Portal. This holds the publicly available geospatial data for the state.