Delaware has natural beauty and great recreational opportunities. We have parks, forests, beaches, rivers, ponds, bays and an ocean to explore and enjoy. We have roads, trails, bike routes, buses and rail to get us there. But not everyone is always able to take advantage of these opportunities. There are different reasons for this, and different ways to solve these problems. DelDOT and DNREC have come to the Open Data Challenge for help finding solutions.


How We’ll Do It

Breaking down barriers that keep people from recreational opportunities requires help from everyone. It requires new relationships and deep citizen engagement. DelDOT and DNREC have data and information about transportation, recreation, and the environment. They want to share it. They are looking for new perspectives and new ideas through the Open Data Challenge. They hope to reward innovative ideas and choose proofs-of-concept that can be implemented to serve the community. There are a few key events that make up the Open Data Challenge: workshops, an ideation session, and a Data Jam. Each of these events are free and open to the public.



Level up your skills, from data visualization to storytelling, in one of our workshops.

Ideation Session

Work with experts and community members to build prototype solutions.

Data Jam

Form teams and compete for prizes in this month-long hackathon.


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Why You Should Participate

We can think of a whole bunch of reasons that you might want to consider. Here’s a few really good ones.


Level Up Your Skills

When you participate in the Open Data Challenge, you’ll have the chance to sharpen your skills or learn new ones – whether those are soft skills or technical!


Help Your Community

You’ll be directly helping to make a difference in your Delaware community. Throughout the Open Data Challenge, you’ll be talking directly with community stakeholders and your ideas could end up being implemented state-wide.


Win Cash Prizes

There are up to $35,000 in cash prizes available based upon the work that teams complete throughout the Open Data Challenge.


Who’s Behind This

The Open Data Challenge wouldn’t be possible without a few key partners.